You can help make Awesome happen

You can help make Awesome happen - final

What if the neglected, dog-eared park that you drive by and don’t use became the park you love for meetups, gatherings, and hanging out?

Instead of heading to some other neighborhood’s hip spot for fun, what if your park was that place, with better features and activities for children, after school programs, teens, and adults of all ages?

It can happen. Help us kickstart Phase 2 of the Redwood Heights Park Redesign Project with a tax-deductible donation.

It’s all connected. Recreation, curb appeal, community value… Our park is a shadow of what it could be: The property has been limping along in mediocrity for decades, with many areas ignored and unused, and falling into disrepair. In the current state of neglect, at night, it’s become a magnet for displaced partiers, bringing in loud music, fireworks, even gunshots. If we do nothing, it will only get worse.

It doesn’t have to be like this. The potential is there, and it’s time to revive this wasted resource. We’re ready. We have a plan. Now what we need is you. We need your partnership to move forward.

Join us. Donate to Phase 2 of the Redwood Heights Park Redesign Project.

In 2017, we developed a plan to update and invigorate the park. Next steps include: securing the City’s commitment; creating a design based on neighbor input (collected in Phase 1) that serves the needs of this community -- attractive, inter-generational, accessible, sustainable, and functional; and identifying and obtaining additional funding sources.

You can help make Awesome happen. It won’t happen without you.

Help renew Redwood Heights Park.  Donate Now. Get involved. Join us.
For your household, for your community: be the change our neighborhood needs and deserves.

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