RHA Board Opportunity

The Redwood Heights Association is currently seeking a new board member to fill the role of Secretary. Below is the job description. This is an important role in the organization and yet doesn't take an excessive amount of time. With just a little bit of of your time, you can help us build a stronger, more connected community while improving the quality of life for those living in and around the lower Oakland Hills.

Interested? Email info@RHAOakland.org or complete the RHA Volunteer Form.


The secretary is an officer and member of the executive board.



  • Attend monthly RHA board meetings
  • Attend RHA events
  • Member of the Executive Committee



  • Prepare the minutes for all meetings
  • Record all approved motions
  • Post approved minutes to Google Drive
  • Maintain a binder of minutes (hard copy)
  • Prepare a list of unfinished business items for agendas

Bylaws & Records:

  • Enter all amendments to the bylaws in the minutes, at the meeting at which the vote is taken.
  • Responsible for all records, documents and papers (except those assigned to others).
  • Have on hand for reference at each meeting a copy of the bylaws and standing rules, copies of agendas, motion forms, minutes of previous meetings, and list of all committees.


  • Is a signer on all RHA bank accounts and has a corporate debit card


  • Excellent note taking skills
  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Strong Microsoft Word and Google Docs skills
  • Dependable and organized
  • Financially responsible

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