A nonprofit organization dedicated to substantially improving the quality of life for those living in and around the lower Oakland Hills. Our priorities include environment, safety, and youth with a focus on community building and reimagining Redwood Heights Recreation Center Park. Visit our Calendar for upcoming events.

RHA, as a steward of our surroundings, will facilitate efforts to enhance the natural environments in our community.
Projects may include an environmental assessment, park restoration, sanctuaries, habitats, and beautification.


Community safety is about helping you to be and feel safe.
RHA will partner with the City of Oakland to implement plans and funding for road sharing, street upgrades, signage, traffic control, and community earthquake preparedness.


To inspire children in our community that learning can be fun, RHA will create enrichment and recreational opportunities that supplement the classroom.
This might include hands-on events like robotics, drones, habitat restoration, or artificial intelligence.


Join us in creating our vision a park that will be a vibrant hub where residents can come together to celebrate, have fun, and strengthen community ties.
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Connect with your community through the Redwood Heights Yahoo Group or Nextdoor. Online forums enable community members to interact and connect with each other.
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The RHA Board of Directors consists of between nine and fifteen members dedicated to our community. Learn more about the people serving you.
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