Annual Community Meeting

Annual Community Meeting to Talk about Community Safety

Last month, we heard from the Mayor and learned about the City's plans to address crime and safety in Oakland. She addressed police staffing, police policy, leadership and accountability, reckless driving, police patrols, auto-related crimes, community programs, affordable housing, trash, and quality of life in Oakland. If you missed it, please check out the video on our YouTube channel.

We all want a city that's safe, vibrant, innovative, and clean. It's time to work hand in hand to secure a positive, safe future for our local community and to regain community solidarity impacted during the pandemic. 

Redwood Heights Association (RHA) invites you to participate in our Annual Community Meeting, an in-person event at the Redwood Heights Recreation Center. The focus of the meeting will be on our community's safety and well-being. This is NOT just another meeting with city officials but rather an opportunity to meet, share our thoughts, and imagine and design a safer, better-connected neighborhood. Plus, it's an opportunity to gather, enjoy local pizza, schmooze with other caring neighbors, and, in partnership, embrace the challenges we all face. 

Rethinking Community Safety | Exclusively Grassroots, For Us, By Us

This event is a call to every generation because our strength lies in our diversity. We encourage couples, singles, families, young adults, elders, and everyone else to contribute their ideas and unique perspectives on regaining community strength and public safety.

The meeting will be interactive, using a design thinking approach to identify solutions. No sitting around listening to people talk. 

It's about you, the members of this community, taking ownership and working together at a grassroots level to identify workable solutions. It will be a safe space to talk, listen, and develop ideas and strategies together. 

Register today! Your presence and voice matter.


Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2023
Time: 6:30 PM Social | 7:00 PM Meeting
Location: Redwood Heights Recreation Center, 3883 Aliso Ave, Oakland

Registrations are closed for this event

Together, we can create a safer, more connected community. See you there!

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